What does your packaging say about your brand?

VBX Solutions partners with leading retailers and brands to design on-of-a-kind packaging solutions. In the past year we have seen growing demand for unique packaging formats from the CBD industry. With our award-winning design and sourcing teams VBX is taking the lead in helping CBD brands and retailers make an impact in a crowded category!

At VBX we focus on a variety of ways in which you can customize your CBD packaging to have the best results for the business. Let’s review just three key areas:


Many consumers associate product quality based on the packaging that surrounds. The type of materials, the opening experience and quality of the features are key to quality and reliable product.


In a sea of competitors in store or against a screen – how does your product stand out? Eye-catching packaging and design often become reasons for the large sales of goods. Additionally personalized CBD packaging often helps a business to increase their overall sales.


Consumer’s perceived value is critical in terms of purchase intent. CBD products offer multiple health benefits for which a consumer might want to spend money on them. But is your packaging communicating the right value – especially against the competition. Smart packaging design and unique features like reusable materials offer ways to show more value.

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Minimum Order Quantities:
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