The Time to Start Kitting CBD is Now.

Here’s Why.

CBD is the hottest new product in mental health, physical health, beauty, and recovery. This all-around popular supplement is on the rise with more people trying it than ever. The growth of this market is about to skyrocket; North America remains the region with the highest use of CBD in recent years. The time to start seriously investing in the CBD market is NOW.

  • The CBD market grew over 700% in 2019 and is on track to grow to $23.7 billion through 2023.
  • CBD business will be a safe investment in the future as the compound annual growth rate will be about 30%.

Trial and Discovery

As experts in brand experiences and packaging, we have seen that sampling is the perfect way to secure your market no matter the product. With many people trying CBD products, whether it be new users or frequent buyers, consumers can possibly be deterred from repurchase if they aren’t satisfied with their first experience using that certain product. A CBD Sample Kit allows consumers to test out different products/forms at their own leisure such as oils, pills, lotions, pens, and edible foods all wrapped into one package.

Around 50% of people who have used CBD prefer oils/tinctures, lotions/balms, and gummies. Those who haven’t tried it are more open to the products listed below as well.

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