VBX Solutions Holiday Kitting

VBX has created thousands of kits for many leading beauty brands and retailers. No two programs are ever the same; but the VBX proven process has helped each customer save time and deliver a high return on every program. One of the best examples of this is a holiday kit.

The Start

It all begins with an introductory meeting. Vivabox members collaborate with clients to determine goals, timing, budget, and logistics for their holiday kitting program. Some clients have fully developed ideas and need help executing, while others have general ideas and need more guidance; VBX is happy to cater to either situation. Utilizing our many years of experience VBX guides the conversation on the key elements – branding/design, execution of the kits and post-sales support.

Holiday Kitting Execution

Once a client decides on a theme for the holiday packaging kit, like beauty products or accessories, Vivabox in-house creative gets to work coming up with an assortment of prototypes based on client goals, packaging styles, and structural options. Many client departments can be involved in this stage – marketing, merchandising, procurement, quality etc. VBX creative and project management team revises rendering and cost modules until our client is completely satisfied with the end-product.

Upon selection of the holiday kit’s structure, style, and graphics – it is time to develop the execution plan. Sourcing, Project Management, Brand Coordinators and Execution/Delivery each go on to develop their plans. Coordinating all of these departments are the VBX Sales and Account Management Team. Effective communication is a key component between the client and VBX, as there were many moving parts to bringing the kit to life.

VBX’s sourcing and project management team coordinates a global manufacturing and supply schedule – sourcing all packaging components for the kits. Brand coordinators from VBX contact key brand suppliers and begin the process of securing product, timelines, and details for the final kit copy.

At the same time, the execution and delivery teams plan schedules for kitting all the items and delivery options which could include shipping to warehouses, distribution centers, stores, or even drop shipping to individual customers.

Beyond Production

Vivabox’s dedication to our clients goes beyond creation to delivery; as a company, we genuinely care about our relationship with clients and their success. For past holiday kitting projects, VBX has photographed kits for clients to promote online and send to the participating brands. Not only have past clients sold through all the holiday kits; they exceeded their sell through targets week after week.

About VBX Solutions

VBX Solutions has been a full-service packaging company at every step of the supply chain for nearly 30 years. We specialize in experiential kitting & brand packaging to provide unique experiences for our clients and customers. VBX provides options for every step of the supply chain; from creative, to manufacturing, to overseas freight, to domestic distribution to customer service after the sale.

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