Trial & Discovery in the CBD Industry

For over 10 years leading retailers and brands have trusted VBX Solutions with promoting their brands through unique and exclusive kits and packaging. While these kitting programs aren’t new to many categories they are an area of opportunity for CBD brands and retailers that that want to make an impact in a crowded category!

What keeps consumers from buying CBD products?

There are many reasons for purchase hesitancy but talk to any expert and you’ll find two reasons are most common:

They Don’t Know What to Buy!

Over 60% of consumers have heard of CBD but don’t really know much about the product’s details.

They Don’t Understand the Value!

81% of consumers are likely to buy a product if they can try it first.

Go to any retail channel that is selling CBD products and consumers face a large amount of choices: different products, brands, strengths, etc. At lower price points many consumers opt to try many until they find what works best for them. But at higher price points the same consumers will take a pass and look to brands who offer sampling opportunities.

Trial & Discovery Kits are great way to let consumers experiment and overcome their hesitancy to buy. Whether it is retail multi-branded or a single brand with multiple products these kits help educate consumers and provide incremental revenue.

How do brands develop a great kit?

Let us be your experts!

It all starts with an introductory meeting. Vivabox collaborates with our clients to determine goals, timing, budget, and logistics. Some clients have fully developed ideas and need help executing while others have general ideas and need more guidance. Utilizing our many years of experience, VBX guides the conversation on the key elements of branding/design, execution and post-sales support. We even discuss primary packaging options for brands.


After the initial discussion VBX’s in-house creative team reviews trends, client’s goals, packaging styles and a multitude of structural options in order to deliver a handful of design concepts. Many client departments can be involved in this stage: marketing, merchandising, procurement, quality etc. VBX creative and project management teams revise rendering and cost models until our clients are completely satisfied with the end-product.


Upon selection of the kit’s structure, style and graphics it’s time to develop the execution plan. Sourcing, Project Management, Brand Coordinators and Logistics each go on to develop their plans. Coordinating all of these departments are the VBX Sales and Account Management Teams. They know that effective communication is a key component between the client and VBX, as there are many moving parts involved with bringing a kit to life. Our highly-trained experts will keep your project moving forward on time and on budget.

VBX’s sourcing and project management teams coordinate a global manufacturing and supply schedule, sourcing all packaging components for the kits.

At the same time, logistics team plans schedules for kitting all the items and delivery options, which could include shipping to warehouses, distribution centers, stores, or even drop shipping to individual customers.

The Final Product

While the process to launch a kit may seem straight forward there are multiple steps and details that need to be managed and reviewed over the course of many months. And by working with VBX Solutions, you won’t need to hire an entire internal team to pull it off! We’ll manage every aspect for you, saving you valuable time. Best of all, your final saleable kit is great way to highlight your offering and deliver a one-of-a-kind experience to the end user.

Beyond Production

Vivabox’s dedication to our clients goes beyond creation to final delivery. As a company, we genuinely care about our relationship with clients and their success. VBX can photograph the kits for the client to promote online. We also can work with your customer service team to enhance customer loyalty with a rewards programs and supplemental experiential events. For example, VBX Solutions manages the design and execution of Sephora’s hugely popular Sephora Favorites program. In addition, we photograph their dotcom assets and manage their best-in-class loyalty program.

The Results!

For over 10 years VBX have helped our clients consistently sell out all the kits and exceeded their sell through targets. Our clients come back season after season because of the big impact our kits have on their bottom line and the powerful experience they deliver to their customers.
As shopper habits continue to evolve, the ability to deliver a curated try-before-you-buy experience in their home provides more education and value to hesitant buyers, increasing their likelihood to buy more product.

About VBX Solutions

VBX Solutions has been a full-service packaging company at every step of the supply chain for nearly 30 years. We specialize in experiential kitting & brand packaging to provide unique experiences for our clients and customers. VBX provides options for every step of the supply chain; from creative, to manufacturing, to overseas freight, to domestic distribution to customer service after the sale.

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