Developing Promotional Kits: 5 Tips For Success

September 16, 2019 Brand Packaging, Creative, Retail Kits8 Minutes


We’ve all heard the expression “thinking outside the box” so often, it’s become something of a cliche. But what about rethinking the box itself? When your marketing team is developing promotional kits for a client, it’s essential to think about what the brand hopes to accomplish by launching this kit, and to use the product’s strengths, selling points, and target audience to devise a fresh new way to reach a possibly already oversaturated market.

Today’s marketing departments face unique challenges that largely didn’t exist just a decade ago. While their predecessors were up to their eyeballs in decisions pertaining to TV, radio, and print media, present-day marketing professionals need to concern themselves with how their client’s product or service is received by a global audience connected via social media. Not only has our consumer base grown in numbers, but it has also grown in sophistication- people no longer want to feel as if they are being sold something, and instead are more drawn to story-driven narratives about a company’s founders, brand identity, or social consciousness. This authentic aspect helps drive sales, build brand loyalty, and raise the level of consumer awareness for a company, and must carry over from website to social media pages to email campaigns. By developing promotional kits, your marketing department can help make your brand’s story more three-dimensional and bring it to life by giving consumers an actual, physical thing they can touch and experience. The ability to hold something in your hand, to try it out and feel it, can help make more conversions than even the most polished SEO. In a digital world, it’s still important for companies to establish a physical connection between their products and their customers, and there’s no better place to start than with a well-developed promotional kit. Here are a few fundamentals for developing promotional kits that can help you turn even the most jaded consumers into an enthusiastic customer base.

What’s in the box? WHAT’S IN THE BOX???


The very nature of a promotional kit is to make someone excited about opening it! Think back to being handed a birthday present in your childhood: chances are the more beautifully the box was wrapped, the more you couldn’t wait to see what was inside. The same holds true for a promotional kit- the more creative the package, the more a consumer is likely to want to open it. By developing a promotional kit design that aligns with the identity of the brand and resonates with your target market, you are getting a lot of people interested in your product before they’ve even seen it.

Picture Perfect

OK, pop quiz- what’s the first thing people do these days when they are served a particularly exquisite meal? They whip out their mobile devices and photograph their dishes for social media, right? And once it’s posted, that’s free advertising for the restaurant that prepared the food. What if you could generate the same frenzied excitement responsible for restaurant food photography with your promotional kit? By getting exceptionally creative with packaging, your promotional kit could find itself featured on many an influencer’s Instagram feed. In fact, if you’ve got an impressive-enough promotional kit to warrant it, you could find your product featured in a YouTube unboxing video with over 1 million views, depending on who received it. That’s right- your promotional kit could wind up being slowly, lovingly taken out of its box by a high-profile YouTuber while 1 million people watch intently. It pays to create promotional kits that inspire that kind of large-scale intrigue!

Be Heard

A number of companies in today’s marketplace use their brand as a platform for speaking out about social, political, and environmental issues that are near to their hearts. A promotional kit can make a significant impact on a like-minded target audience by incorporating these views and ideals into its packaging strategy. Several quick-service restaurant concepts, for example, use inspirational quotes from famous people such as Gandhi, Rosa Parks, and Anne Frank, to decorate their paper bags, cups, and other consumables as a way to promote their products and their values simultaneously. By developing promotional kits with a message, a brand can be heard and seen at the same time, and build a following based on shared ideals and beliefs.

Take It Easy

Of course, when developing promotional kits for a brand, the goal is always to make the company stand out from the rest of their competition, but this does not necessarily mean the kit has to be overly complex. In fact, the more complicated the design of your promotional kit, and the harder it is to open, the more of a turnoff it can be for recipients- not just for the kit but potentially for the brand itself! It’s best to take a simple design concept and build on it from a creative standpoint. That way, your target audience will be able to appreciate the kit’s singularity without becoming frustrated while opening it!

Listen to Your Brand

As marketing professionals, it is your job to take a kernel of an idea and help it explode into a creative, memorable, and beloved concept. Products are helped along by the catchy slogans, engaging content, and exciting imagery that their advertising and marketing team comes up with, but not even the most awe-inspiring tagline will do a single thing unless it speaks to the brand’s already-existing values. For example, a fast-food burger joint markets a lot differently than, say, an investment firm, just because of how different the two products are. By staying tuned into your core audience, the nature of the product itself, and how the brand wishes to be represented, your team can develop a promotional kit that hits all the right notes!

The art of developing promotional kits is something that will continue to be highly valuable to a marketing firm, regardless of how much farther down the digital rabbit hole we go. People are always going to want an actual product sample they can try before they commit to a purchase, and by knowing exactly how to put together a killer promotional kit, your team will have a distinct advantage over competing brands who are putting out less exciting kits, or no kits at all, to consumers.

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