VBX Solutions' 2020 Highlights

March 9, 2021 Brand Packaging, Retail Kits4 Minutes


Although the year 2020 was filled with new challenges the VBX Solutions team continued to do what we do best, provide phenomenal packaging and kitting services!  VBX Solutions has been offering packaging services at every step of the supply chain; from creative, to manufacturing, to overseas freight to domestic distribution to customer service after the sale for nearly 20 years. Here is a look inside of VBX Solutions 2020.

Girls Beauty Date Kit from Sephora Europe

Sephora Girls Beauty Date.jpg

First up we have the Favorites Beauty Date Kit from Sephora Europe. If you have not already created a date night kit, now is the time! Date night kits, whether it be for best friends or couples, are the hottest new thing with social distancing norms. It is such a convenient way to bring your customers a fun activity to share with a loved one straight to their home!

12 Days of Clean Beauty Holiday Kit from Whole Foods Market


Up next, the 12 Days of Clean Beauty Holiday Kit for Whole Foods Market. We absolutely had so much fun with this one! A calendar leading up to the holidays with some of your company’s most popular items is the PERFECT way to engage with your customer base! Whether your regulars are buying it for themselves or buying the kit to gift to a loved one, a countdown calendar is a great way to spread awareness about your goods and keep people coming back for more.

Reusable Cut-and-Sew Tote Bag from Aerie

aerie tote.png

Our 2020 recap would not be complete without this aerie cut and sew tote bag. Reusability is IN. Who wouldn’t love a branded bag that can be reused for anything? Another great feature of any reusable item is the sustainability that comes with it. Sustainability has become an everyday topic for a lot of consumers, so why not kill two birds with one stone when it comes to exciting your market?

Fragrance Sample Kits From Shoppers Drug Mart Canada

Shoppers Drug mart.png

Another international beauty! Check out these fragrance kits from Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada! Kits have never been more important in retail than now. Sampler kits have become a real game changer now that samples can no longer be offered in stores. Aside from the new norms, samplers have always been amazing for providing a delightful experience to consumers.

Branded Package From Kendra Scott


Lastly, but certainly not least, look at this elegant Kendra Scott branded package! We love the look of this beautiful design. A package that speaks for your company is such an important part of any business. Is your brand packaging up to date and ready to show your customers what you are all about?

There you have it! A look inside a few of VBX Solutions 2020 releases. Along with the creations featured above, we produced so many other different styles of packages and kits! See something you like or are interested in? Reach out to us now at info@vivaboxsolutions.com so we can get your 2021 packaging vision started!

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