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Using Kits to Provide In-Person Experiences at Home

With the changing behaviors going on in the world right now VBX Solutions knows education attractions are some of the hardest hit companies regarding the new norms created by the pandemic. How can you provide your customers with a personal experience your education attraction would normally offer in-person, from a distance?

VBX Solutions has been trying to find the perfect idea to help our clients make the most out of the situation and we have the solution. We have seen huge success with the education kits, and we are going to tell you why. When you think about what your attraction is really offering it’s not only the knowledge you have to share, it’s also the experience of being able to physically see, touch, and listen to something your customers are interested in. An education box can replicate that emotional bond customers would normally feel from visiting your establishments.  People are so eager to get back to a pre coronavirus world and supplying them with an experience in a box is a great way to do just that.

Educational Kit_Master File_1.jpg

This sample education kit we created provides information this aquarium has to offer as well as fun ways to get engaged. Visiting an attraction provides customers with an experience as well memories with loved ones to last a lifetime so why not send that home to them.

Sleeve Design.jpg


·       The kit comes with a booklet that provides mom and dad with information about all the perks of membership with the aquarium.

·       It also provides them with fun and engaging activities for the whole family to get them involved with each other and your business.

o   i.e. Take your kids to a nearby creek and see how many creatures they can name.


QR Code Attachment

·       A QR Code is placed on the information booklet. This QR Code leads to more information about the animals in the aquarium and online games.

Science Kit_2.jpg

Explorer Coloring Book and VIP Pass

·       The coloring book supplied has fun images of aquatic life and comes with a set of crayons.

·       The package includes a fun “VIP Pass” to get kids eager about the opportunity to visit the aquarium when it is open.


·       This educational kit provides a clean water experiment for the whole family to do.

·       Sending an experiment home to customers gives them an interactive piece of the aquarium as well as a way for the entire family to get involved and spend time together.

The entire VBX Solutions team plays a role in the lifecycle of getting kits like these prepared to go, but where the process really begins and ends is with our clients. Before we start designing any kit, we meet with the client to determine their goals, objectives, and KPIs.

From there, our Creative team gets to work on designing the package based off of what the clients goals are. From mood boards to sketches to prototypes, our team creates a multitude of concepts that support your brand’s promise.

Once the design is complete the manufacturing process begins and materials are collected from around the world to create the perfect package.

While the packaging is being manufactured our project managers start sourcing kit elements, identifying brands and content to include in the kit.

Finally, the packaging and content arrive at our fulfillment center where it is kitted and either stored in our warehouse awaiting drop shipment or is delivered to the client’s distribution center


With all the changes being made to the norms of society it is important for businesses to keep their target market engaged with what they have to offer. Providing clients with the experience of your establishment from the comfort and safety of their own home is a great way to show them you care about their loyalty. VBX Solutions would love to help you with taking that next step to go above and beyond with your customers. VBX Solutions can help you pinpoint ways to more effectively keep your target market interested in you and help navigate through any sore spots your business may be suffering from. Email us at to discuss what we can do to help your education attraction flourish during these hard times.

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