September 13, 2018 Influencer, Retail Kits1 Minutes

What Influencers Really Want From Marketers

We ran surveyed 2,000 US-based influencers in May 2018 to uncover what influencers really want from the marketers they’re working with and all of those boxes they’re receiving.

First some context:

Over 50% of influencers receive 1-6 boxes weekly

Only 47% rate it as a “good” experience.

What Influencers Really Want:

• Creative respect

• Feel special

• Be invited in

• A VIP communication loop

• IG-Friendly packaging

• Paid marketing support

• To get paid. Real money. On time.

• Key dates for the product launch or availability

• Let them know when the box is arriving

• Brand story and origin

• The story behind the product/s, the design, purpose, ingredients and origin story

• A sincere thank you

• Photography gear (micro)

• Extra kits to give way to their audience (micro)

• Help to grow their audience

• A handwritten note, something that makes them feel special

Proprietary Vivabox research of 2,000 micro and macro influencers in the US, May 2018

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